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All Most Famous Webstore Launch Party

24 Apr

This is happening. Don’t miss it.

The Online Store

This event will feature looks from Tidwell and Perryman, Jamie and the Jones, NCB Jewelry, Scott Osterbind and Gabriel Max Starner.

Come celebrate all the best things about independent fashion design and local fashion.


NCB Jewelry Makes Friends with Two Old Hippies

30 Mar

There is no stopping NCB Jewelry! In 2007, designer Natalie Blin finished her apprenticeship with Kristin Hanson in NYC (then jeweler for Oscar de la Renta), and moved to Nashville to start what she thought would be a small local jewelry line. She began buying her favorite semi-precious gemstones and creating jewelry as wearable art. It turned out that she wasn’t the only person desiring the uniqueness of a natural gemstone and the beauty of intricate wiring and detailing. Natalie’s business has since taken off and her designs can be found in almost a dozen stores nationwide.

Here in 2012, NCB Jewelry is expanding even further. These beautiful pieces can now be found at Two Old Hippies in the Gulch! Stop by and check out these one of a kind pieces for yourself. Just like the NCB Jewelry customer, no two items are exactly alike.

Here’s a preview of some of the items you will find at Two Old Hippies!

mixed gemstone fringe dangle earrings

white fresh water pearl mixed metal fringe bracelet

Find NCB Jewelry on Twitter and Facebook.

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Nashville Fashion Week 2012 – The Parthenon

27 Mar

A runway show with the backdrop of Athena? What a genius idea! I loved every second of it.

Athena's dress is so enviable! I want.

G-Star RAW brought by Posh Boutique.

G-Star RAW by Posh Boutique.

Hangin' out with friends in between shows.

Katharine Kidd Dress.

Katharine Kidd Dress.


Lindsay Timberlake with Imani Naomi Ellis.

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Tidwell and Perryman Launch a New Webstore!

26 Jan

I love local fashion and it makes me happy to know that you can find the best clothing looks for men and women right here in Nashville, TN. Although the media portrays Nashville as one giant honky tonk, in real life we are full of artistic expression, creative energy and yes, even fashion.

Now regardless of where you live, you can get your hands on a piece of Nashville’s very best! Men’s vintage clothiers, Tidwell and Perryman, have launched a web store! The always unique, always on trend, vintage looks from T&P are now just a click away. So go get you some! Click here to view their store.

1982 "M" Varsity Jacket

Pendleton Southwest Denim Jacket

Check Tidwell and Perryman out on Facebook. And just in case you think T&P clothing is only for men…think again.

Style guru, Balee Greer, in Tidwell and Perryman.

Sashay Shoes

2 Dec

The All Most Famous team was invited to the Launch for Sashay Shoes at the Holland House!  My good friend since grade school was in town so I thought it would be fun to bring her along to experience what All Most Famous does. The Holland House was a great venue similar to a speak-easy; we enjoyed mingling with local fashion lovers and getting to know the ladies who made Sashay Shoes possible.

Jen Neu, the founder of Sashay Shoes, brought to life an online webstore for shoe lovers like her. She wanted to create the experience she loved which all started from a game she used to play with her girlfriends. They challenged each other to see who could find quality fashion and shoes at killer prices. This little game inspired her to create Sashay Shoes, she wanted to share her favorite experience with other shoe lovers out there.

I was excited because let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t love shoes? I know I do! Ladies, I know how many hours I can spend trying to find that perfect pair. I have this idea in my head of what I want, it’s just the matter of where I can find them and at a decent price. I’ll tell you it can be frustrating, but here’s a little secret, Sashay Shoes just launched for shoe lovers that don’t have the time to go bargain hunting, instead Sashay does it for you. They have shoes in different colors, styles and budgets which will be sure to get you noticed. How fabulous is that?  So if you’ve found yourself spending hours to find that perfect pair of shoes too but have come up empty-handed then check out Sashay Shoes today, they’ll be sure to have something you’ll like!

Stay up on the latest news with Sashay Shoes!

Jen Neu, Founder of Sashay Shoes & Kim Novosel, Brand Manager of Sashay Shoes

Close up of Jen’s killer pumps

Kim telling Elizabeth Wallace and I about Sashay Shoes and how it evolved.

Kim, Brand Manager of Sashay Shoes, discusses her role with Sashay.

Elizabeth's Favorite two-toned pumps!

These ladies love fashion and shoes

Who doesn't love party favors?

and beverages!

Close up of my favorite pumps! I think the flowers make them look a little vintage.

Sneak Peak at some of the shoes on Sashay!

Elizabeth Wallace and All Most Famous

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Falling Whistles: The Face Campaign

10 Nov

“There are no pictures, words, or social media platforms that can accurately describe an experience with the Falling Whistles crew. “Find them, follow them, and do your part.” -Britt Johnson of All Most Famous. I feel Britt said it best, this was my first Falling Whistles event and let me tell you I was moved and empowered. I couldn’t wait to get involved in spreading the word for Peace in Congo. I jumped at the opportunity to purchase my first whistle and get my picture taken for the Face Campaign.

Falling Whistles’ new initiative, the Face Campaign, combines the social media movement with the fundamentals of petitioning to create a global demonstration for Peace in Congo. They were empowered by the first mass petition in 1783, when England’s Abolitionists gathered signatures to show their leaders that the people wanted an end to slavery. Falling Whistles wants to make the same kind of impact to end the deadliest war of our time. Here’s how they are going to do it and how you can get involved.

How to become a Whistle Blower for Peace:

1. The Face Campaign: Over the next few months Falling Whistles wants your face. Instead of asking for your signature, they will be collecting faces from across the world of those who want Peace in Congo. You can download FW+FACES APP on iTunes. Once their new website is up and running you’ll be able to take your picture on their site, but until then use your iPhone and iPad! As you can see it’s very easy to get involved, all you have to do is say “cheese” and let FW do the rest, simple as that! FW will then put all of these faces up on a Wall to reinvent the petition and then each face will be faxed individually to the White House, Whistle Blowers for Peace in Congo. FW will announce  the date for those involved to recreate the wall in their own city, creating a global demonstation for Peace! Check out the app:

2. Purchase your Whistle online and rock it with pride by wearing your protest. Let me tell you it’s a great conversation starter and it goes with pretty much everything, I’ve worn my countless times since I bought it! Want to get involved now but don’t want to wait? Excellent, all you have to do is find Falling Whistles at your local Nordstrom, in the men’s section!

Whistle Blower for Peace

"Bronze" my first whistle!

3. Donate. The proceeds support Falling Whistles behind the scenes work, partnerships with Congolese Leaders, and their developing advocacy campaign.

SPEAK: The world is changed by those who speak out. Put your money where your mouth is.


ECHO: Ending this war will require money. A lot of it. Success will be measured by impact, not dollar signs, but to get there we need your continued support.


THE COUNCIL: The Council is a special circle of individuals committed to our long term growth with larger monthly donations.


4. Meet Yves. Invite him to your school, church, synagogue, town hall, conference, etc. He’s sharing his story and speaking out for peace in the Congo. Contact the tour for info.

Yves Muya

Follow Falling Whistles to stay updated on the efforts toward Peace in the Congo: blogtwitter & facebook.

11/2/11 Falling Whistles in Nashville:

All Most Famous Team & Falling Whistles! Britt Johnson, Yves Muya, Danielle Kimmey & Ashley Nicholson.

WAV ladies with Yves Muya

Yves Muya telling us his story.

Katherine Espy

The Blondes are looking Stylish in their Fall Favorites

These guys are looking warm in their leather jackets!

A lot of Whistle Blowers in the Crowd!

All Most Famous <3's Falling Whistles.

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(PLᾹ) BEAUTY – The Beauty World’s Newest Gem

6 Oct

Beauty trends come and go, colors come in and go out, some brands grow and then die away. However, there are a few things that always remain “on trend” like recyclable and refillable resources, passion behind a product, and giving back.

I was so excited last Thursday when I went into Woo Skincare and Cosmetics in Green Hills, TN and was introduced to (Plā) Beauty, an up and coming cosmetic line out of Atlanta, GA. (Plā) Beauty is an eco-conscious cosmetic line that uses refillable products and magnetic compacts to cut down on wasteful packaging. Their approach to packaging helps keep the environment clean and healthy by reducing waste. Their colors are natural and exquisite and I, for one, am addicted to their lip gloss.

We had a chance to connect with the Founder, Stephanie Green-Bass, and hear her amazing story. You can read more about it here.

Stephanie Green Bass, Ashley Nicholson

All most Famous intern, Ashley Nicholson, stepped up to the counter and got a makeover with all (Plā) Beauty products. The result was a flawless and natural finish that made her look like she wakes up this perfect!

Before with no makeup

After. Perfection!

The energy at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics was high and we had an amazing time. We even got goodie bags full of makeup and skincare goodness. They know how to treat beauty lovers right! Visit Woo Nashville at 2154 Bandywood Drive.

Find (Plā) Beauty on Facebook!

Find Woo Skincare and Cosmetics Nashville on Facebook!