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Style Profile at Ovvio Arte: Tender Moments by Exhibitionist Garland Gallaspy

20 Feb

I attended Ovvio Arte’s gallery reception of Tender Moments by Exhibitionist Garland Gallaspy last Thursday. My friend Janal Montagna and I hit the scene to capture what Nashville’s finest were wearing. The event was well attended, yet intimate enough to capture the Style Profiles we were seeking. Here are some of the looks on Nashville’s style horizon.

Ovvio Arte

Seth Sutton, Bruno Mars anyone? Mixing a colored print with leather. The worn shoes are a nice touch.

Mandy Mcbroom,  Layered necklaces look great with this country prairie inspired blouse. The Red boots gives the outfit the extra edge. 

Selena Kirchhoff, The hat does it for me. Combine that with pinstripe pants and I’m sold.

Lindwood Reensburg Jr,  Different shades of denim. Not too perfect, and that’s why it works.

Jessi Darlin,  Oversized blazer mixed with lace. Eye makeup adds drama.

 A Perfect Pair -Brooke Bernard,  a sweet neutral print and rugged worn boots and Omid with his leather and graphic tee. 

Seth Sutton and Jon Sewell, bahaha I think it speaks for itself.

Jon Sewell in his vintage track jacket with bright shoes. Young and fresh.

VeeDee Band

Black Cat Leather Jacket, this jacket was a favorite of ours. Very cool.

Jean Jacket with Flair. 

Conversation starter.

Live Talent

Carmen Jaudon is fun and funky with her mixing prints, fur and color.

Libby Callaway, makes a statement with this print. Necklace is unexpected but it works.

Lauren Hudgens, each piece here is wonderful, but all together it’s magic. Add a pop of color with bright lips.

Brooke Bernard The devil is in the details. Polka dot leggings.

Rachel Korine, the Perfect Rainbow. Don’t be afraid of color. 

Kayla Bishop, pulls her dress together with an edgy style, her leather jacket and combat boots. 

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11 Oct

As the new social media intern for All Most Famous, this past Saturday was my first style shoot and I was anxious to see what Oktoberfest was all about. I love fall and what better way to enjoy it than with great friends, festival food, cover bands and bottomless steins. Oktoberfest was full of fun and interesting fashion and some locals came clad in their finest fest outfits. I was able to get everything from lederhosen’s to fabulous fall styles! I couldn’t of asked better weather, sunny and mid 80’s.

Check out Nashville’s finest below:

Very authentic looking in his lederhosen!

Festive outfits!


These ladies are looking Fabulous! Absolutely loved everything about their style from head to toe.

These guys are right on trend with their combat boots, skinnies, plaid and graphic tee.

Nathan Barlowe of Honeymoon Thrillers

Loved her outfit, she was rockin' nautical, skinnies and a cute headband. I think I loved her shirt because I was a Delta Gamma and I love Anchors!

Kat, my model for the evening!

I met up with Britt, she's looking fabulous, perfect outfit to go out. And wearing a necklace and earrings by NBC Jewelry.

Kat insisted that Cassie and I have our own little photo shoot! I got my inspiration for my outfit from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I had a navy jacket for when the temp cooled down.

Loved his shirt.

This is a cute casual day outfit, perfect for a fest.

Casey Fuller in a great casual outfit, guys you can never go wrong with a simple v-neck.

Great floral prints and boots

Super cute fall dresses and boots

Another one of my favorite outfits, lovin' everything from head to toe.

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All Black Everything – Meet Tomm Zorn

8 Jun

Day Job: Stylist

City: Los Angeles

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Britt’s Street Style Picks

8 Mar

Corporate marketing girl by day, fashion marketing girl by night. My days are filled with meetings with bankers during the day to meetings with clothing designers, musicians, event planners, photographers, etc late into most evenings… . I’m challenged to keep my wardrobe conservative, creative and importantly versatile. My days start early and end late. As much as I love my pencil skirts and collared shirts I need them to transform easily into something more fun while still keepin’ it classy. Here are some of my favorite street style day and evening looks for off the corporate clock.

she nailed it here - whoever this is.

very versatile. take off those leggings and add some heels and its perfect for nighttiming.

shows off the legs, covers the arms, feminine bow- love it.


casually awesome

because we all need more leopard print in our lives.

power woman. she has too much to do to care about her hair or makeup but she still looks sharp.

this is where preppy and style collide.

Danielle’s Street Style Picks

25 Feb

Personal style is a great gift. There are many people who I admire and love to look at, but when it comes to my wardrobe I’m pretty specific. I like things over the top, androgynous and predominantly asian. When I started my clothing company, Azian Envy, is was out of love  for all those on the other side of the world that are killin’ it with creativity.

On this Fashion Friday I’m celebrating looks that are wearable, comfortable and just a tad bit too much.

This look is all about the details. If you’re going to wear all black, why not pair it with green hair and add a bit of gold detailing on your tights.

There is so much to love about a girl who pairs Lanvin with Yohji Yamamoto.

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this outfit before. I like the simplicity of black and white, paired with camel colored shoes. Good girl.

I hold firm to the belief that anything and everything can be paired with Doc Martens.

Oh! How cute is he? Or she?

This just might be the world’s hottest girl. She may be rocking the world’s hottest tights. Just maybe.

Sex. That’s all.

This outfit is almost too matchy for me. But the fact that she is busy from head to toe while still maintaining an air of simplicity makes this a major win.

I need my nails did. Slightly hood without going into Chonga territory. Perfect.

Fashion Friday

11 Feb


It’s Fashion Friday!!! I’m no stranger to scoping out the various Men’s Fashion Blogs in my spare time. never lets me down when I need to find a new look.

Every man should pick up a black top hat. It will surely add some dapper points to your outfit. I found this one recently at H&M.

Mentor brogues by Joe Casely-Hayford for John Lewis.  The detailing goes well with with peak-a-boo striped socks and the rolled up trousers. My most excessive purchases have to be lace up dress shoes. I have atleast 10 pair.

How great are these khaki pants with knee patches? I need scrap fabric and a sewing machine!                                                                                                                                                                                                        This Hershel Supply backpack is perfect for a weekend get away or even a Sunday hike. You can fit so many things!

 Kenzo topped off its suits with leather motorcycle jackets for fall/2011. Thanks Kenzo for inspiring me! I tried out this look at the Nashville Art Crawl last Saturday and got so many compliments.

Sam Lambert has to be the flyest guy ever. I see him on almost every Men’s Fashion Blog. I’m never dissapointed.

This gentleman’s look is by far my favorite. I’m seeing RED!

……AND JUST FOR FUN!!!! For those who love ginger beards. You can get your own T-shirt at the link below.,482138504


26 Jan


AMF: What lies at the very core of your style (what are the foundations that your personal style is built upon?
CW: Quality and Aesthetics. Quality because I want something that stands the test of time. It’s easy to pick trendy pieces,
but trends usually don’t equate to quality. Aesthetics because it must fit. Baggy clothing is just unacceptable, that’s why I have a tailor.
Every man should have at least one tailored piece or suit. It speaks volumes

AMF: Who are your favorite designers/labels? What interests you about each of these designers or labels?
CW: Hedi Slimane who designed the menswear for Dior Homme, Japanese designer of Comme Des Garcons Rei Kawakubo and Tom Ford.
I like what Hedi did for Dior because he focused on the fit and the designs were flawless.
Rei Kawakubo is very unconventional in her approach by using her iconic heart w/ eyes logo for her PLAY series or different patterns and colors that pop for heart SHIRT series.
Tom Ford should be in the dictionary next to timeless, I feel like everything he designs and puts his input into is classic. He basically saved Gucci in my opinion.

AMF: How did you choose your signature scent?
CW: LOL you must be referring to Jean Paul Gaultier. I think that scent more so chose me. Seriously though It is just a great scent and it drives women crazy. I’m all for that.

AMF: If you had a wishlist for your closet in Spring 2011 what items would be on it?
CW: I’ve actually been liking alot of Shades of Grey’s new pieces. I will definitely have my clothing line Marti Mcfli in there as well. As for accessories, Gucci belts & TokyoFlash watches.

AMF: As a designer you have a unique perspective. If you could collaborate with another designer for Marti McFli who would it be and what do you think they would bring to the table?
CW: Wow, there are so many! If I had to choose one to collaborate with my line, it would probably be Nigo of A Bathing Ape. Just the way he made a street-wear brand luxury is amazing!
I know he could help do the same with unique patterns on retro designs and luxury aesthetics with my cut ‘n’ sewn venture.

AMF: How do you express your personal style through your music?
CW: Well they both go hand & hand for me, I look to iconic stars from the past who made pieces of clothing iconic as well.
One song might make me want to rock a suit like Peter Gabriel and the other might spark a Ramones style look.